Iván Ávalos 🇲🇽

17 year old junior software developer, studying university (Computer Systems Engineering) since 15. I strongly believe in free (as in freedom) software, privacy, freedom, human rights and equality. I enjoy learning new things and sharing my knowledge.

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  • Web development Laravel Linux MySQL NGINX AWS Docker Go
  • Mobile development Android SDK iOS SDK Flutter
  • IoT development ESP8266 Arduino SDK MQTT Sigfox
  • Programming Kotlin Java PHP Go Python Scheme Swift JS C/C++
  • UI Design HTML/CSS Bootstrap GTK+ Qt JavaFX
  • Graphic design Illustrator Inkscape
  • Digital photography Sony Alpha darktable Lightroom GIMP
  • Tools Android Studio Xcode IntelliJ IDEA Emacs Fossil Git PlatformIO Arduino IDE Concourse CI Solidworks

Most of my software projects and contributions can be found in the following places.


I do and contribute to some free (as in freedom) software projects and I would appreciate some small gift :3

XLM: avalos*stellarx.com