Me sitting in the Golden Gate Vista Point, the Golden Gate can be seen in the background. I'm wearing a blue jacket and jeans, my hands are inside my jacket pocket. The sky looks completely white. Some green mountains can be seen behind the bridge.

Iván Ávalos

I'm a 16 year old university student and amateur software developer, designer and artist. Creative, intuitive, perfectionist and enthusiast. I have basic knowledge on different areas.

Message me on Keybase! Or Matrix! Or Telegram.
  • Web development Laravel Linux MySQL NGINX AWS Docker Go
  • Mobile development Android SDK iOS SDK
  • IoT development ESP8266 Arduino SDK MQTT Sigfox
  • Programming Kotlin Java PHP Go Swift Python JS C/C++
  • UI design HTML/CSS Bootstrap GTK+ Qt JavaFX
  • Graphic design Illustrator Inkscape
  • Digital photography Sony Alpha darktable Lightroom GIMP
  • Tools VS Code Android Studio XCode IntelliJ IDEA Keybase Markdown Fossil Git Emacs PlatformIO Arduino IDE Travis CI Solidworks


I do a lot of free and open-source projects and I would really appreciate some small gift :3.

XLM: avalos*


Intervigía 2019

Intervigía is a modern security system based on citizen participation that allows you to report immediately to the members of your neighbourhood network about any burglary or incident, right from your smartphone or physical button.

Only available in Mexico. Please contact us from the website if you're interested.

api-documenter 2018

Banner with a hand holding a phone with Intervigía iOS home screen actions, beside the logo on the left, which is basically a shield with three houses inside.

api-documenter is a tool that allows you to generate beautiful documentation for your API from a JSON description file easily. The Linkbucket API documentation was created using this amazing tool.

Linkbucket 2018

Screenshot of the web app showing the search bar and a single bookmark to this website; in a Safari window.

Linkbucket is a bookmark manager where you can save your bookmarks in the cloud and access to them from any device. It's useful to backup important links and manage them easily. The free and open source alternative to Pocket and Delicious.

A new and improved version written in Go and React is being developed, see Linkbucket Go.

Rekonq 2018

macOS Terminal showing the welcome screen of Rekonq, which consists on ASCII art of the word Rekonq. An empty board can be seen below, with a prompt to enter Player A command.

Rekonq is a strategy game in which you shall conquer to win. When a cell is conquered, stays conquered permanently. The goal is to conquer most of the board and block the movements of the opposite player.

Yournal 2017

Yournal is a minimalist and cloud-based diary where you can write your life and read it comfortably from any mobile device connected to the Internet. Designed with simplicity in mind, focused on user experience and made for people of all ages.

Xmas mode 2017

Tired of connecting and disconnecting your Christmas tree manually? This project consists on an automatized Christmas tree, which you can turn on and off from your phone.



Magic Car 2016

Magic Car is a simple TCP-IP powered car which you can control from your computer via WiFi.



Para adivinadores 2013

Para Adivinadores was my first program and my introduction to the programming world. I made this program when I was 9 years old, using Visual Basic 6.0™. It consists on a guessing game, where you have to find the right button in order to pass to the next level and win.


Vecbajío 2013

Screenshot of the app, containing a map with GPS units represented as boxes with the name of the unit inside. Online units are showed in green, while offline ones are showed in black.

Vecbajío mobile app allows you to get real-time information from your GPS units right on your smartphone. You will be able to receive real-time notifications, visualize location and velocity: everything with a minimalist and easy to use interface, designed thinking about customer's needs.